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The IES Lighting Library is the comprehensive collection of current IES and ANSI/IES Standards.

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The IES Lighting Library is the comprehensive collection of current IES and ANSI/IES Standards. The IES Lighting Library includes the following series of Standards: Recommended Practices; Design Guides; Guidelines; Lighting Energy Management; Technical Memoranda; and Lighting Measurement Testing and Calculation Guides, and the IES Lighting Handbook, 10th Edition.

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Secure PDF: Contains 90 individual documents
Publisher: Illuminating Engineering Society (2020)
Dimensions: 8½” x 11″

Table of Contents : January 2020

Recommended Practices/ANSI Standards*
RP-1-12 American National Standard Practice for Office Lighting*
RP-2-17 Recommended Practice for Retail Lighting
RP-3-13 American National Standard Practice on Lighting for Educational Facilities*
RP-4-13 Recommended Practice for Library Lighting
RP-5-13 Recommended Practice for Daylighting Buildings
RP-6-15 Sports and Recreational Lighting
RP-7-17 Recommended Practice for Lighting Industrial Facilities
RP-8-18 American National Standard Practice for Design and Maintenance of Roadway and Parking Facility Lighting*
RP-11-17 Recommended Practice for Lighting for Interior and Exterior Residential Environments*
RP-27.1-15 Photobiological Safety for Lamp & Lamp Systems-General Requirements*
RP-27.2-10/R17 Photobiological Safety for Lamp and Lamp Systems-Measurement Techniques* (Reaffirmed 2017)
RP-27.3-17 Recommended Practice for Photobiological Safety for Lamps – Risk Group Classification and Labeling*
RP-28-16 Lighting and the Visual Environmental for Seniors and the Low Vision Population*
RP-29-16 Lighting for Hospital and Health Care Facilities*
RP-30-17 Recommended Practice for Museum Lighting*
RP-31-14 Recommended Practice for the Economic Analysis of Lighting
RP-33-14 Lighting for Exterior Environments
RP-36-15 IES/NALMCO Recommended Practice for Lighting Maintenance
RP-37-15 Outdoor Lighting for Airport Environments
RP-38-17 Recommended Practice for Lighting Performance for Small to Medium Sized Videoconferencing Rooms*
RP-39-19 Recommended Practice: Off-Roadway Sign Luminance*
RP-40-19 Recommended Practice: Lighting Port Terminals*
Indicates ANSI Approved Standard: *
Design Guides
DG-1-16 Design Guide for Color and Illumination
DG-3-10/R15 Application of Luminaire Symbols on Lighting Design Drawings* (Reaffirmed 2015)
DG-10-12 Choosing Light Sources for General Lighting
DG-18-08 Light + Design: A Guide to Designing Quality Lighting for People and Buildings
DG-20-09 Stage Lighting: A Guide to the Planning of Theatres and Auditoriums
DG-22-12 Sustainable Lighting: An Introduction to the Environmental Impacts of Lighting
DG-25-17 Design Guide for Hospitality Lighting
DG-29-11 The Commissioning Process Applied to Lighting and Control Systems
DG-31-18 Design Guide on Active Core Sunlighting for Buildings
G-1-16 Guideline for Security Lighting for People, Property, and Critical Infrastructure
G-2-10 Guideline for the Application of General Illumination (“White”) Light – Emitting Diode (LED) Technologies
Lighting Energy Management
LEM-3-13 IES Guidelines for Upgrading Lighting Systems in Commercial and Institutional Spaces
LEM-7-13 Lighting Controls for Energy Management
Technical Memoranda
TM-1-12 The Five Lighting Metrics
TM-12-12 Spectral Effects of Lighting on Visual Performance at Mesopic Light Levels
TM-15-11 Luminaire Classification System for Outdoor Luminaires (+ Addendum)
TM-16-17 Solid State Lighting Sources and Systems
TM-18-18 Light and Human Health: An Overview of the Impact of Optical Radiation on Visual, Circadian, Neuroendocrine, and Neurobehavioral Responses
TM-19-17 Procedure for Presentation and Verification of Roadway Luminaire Photometric Data
TM-21-19 Projecting Long Term Lumen, Photon, and Radiant Flux Maintenance of LED Light Sources
TM-23-17 Lighting Control Protocols*
TM-24-13 An Optional Method for Adjusting the Recommended Illuminance for Visually Demanding Tasks within IES Illuminance Categories P through Y Based on Light Source Spectrum
TM-25-13 Ray File Format for the Description of the Emission Property of Light Sources
TM-26-15 Methods for Projecting Catastrophic Failure Rate of LED Packages
TM-27-14 IES Standard Format for the Electronic Transfer of Spectral Data
TM-28-14 Projecting Long-Term Luminous Flux Maintenance of LED Lamps and Luminaires
TM-30-18 IES Method for Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition
TM-31-17 IES Technical Memorandum on Measurement Uncertainty for Lighting Equipment Calibration Using Integrating Spheres
TM-32-19 Technical Memorandum: Lighting Parameters for Building Information Modeling*
TM-33-18 Standard Format for the Electronic Transfer of Luminaire Optical Data*
TM-34-19 Technical Memorandum: Calculation Procedures and Specification Criteria for Lighting Calculations
TM-35-19 Technical Memorandum: Projecting Long-Term Chromaticity Coordinate Shift of LED Packages, Arrays, and Modules*
TM-36-18 Technical Memorandum on the Use of Solid State Lighting in Sports Lighting Applications
Lighting Measurement Testing and Calculation Guides
LM-9-09/R17 Electrical and Photometric Measurement of Fluorescent Lamps
LM-20-13 Photometry of Reflector Type Lamps
LM-28-12 IES Guide for the Selection, Care and Use of Electrical Instruments in the Photometric Laboratory
LM-37-16 Guide for Determination of Average Luminance (Calculated) for Indoor Luminaires
LM-40-10/R17 Life Testing of Fluorescent Lamps (Reaffirmed 2017)
LM-41-14 Photometric Testing of Indoor Fluorescent Luminaires
LM-45-15 Electrical and Photometric Measurements of General Service Incandescent Filament Lamps
LM-46-04/R12 Photometric Testing of Indoor Luminaires Using HID or Incandescent Filament Lamps (Reaffirmed 2012)
LM-47-12 Life Testing of High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps
LM-49-12 Life Testing of Incandescent Filament Lamps
LM-51-13 Electrical and Photometric Measurement of High Intensity Discharge Lamps
LM-52-03/R14 Photometric Measurements of Roadway Sign Installations (Reaffirmed 2014)
LM-54-12 IES Guide to Lamp Seasoning
LM-58-13 IES Approved Method for Spectroradiometric Measurement Methods for Light Sources (+ Addendum)
LM-61-06/R14 Identifying Operating Factors for Installed High Intensity Discharge Luminaires (Reaffirmed 2014)
LM-62-06/R15 Laboratory or Field Thermal Measurements of Fluorescent Lamps and Ballasts in Luminaires (Reaffirmed 2015)
LM-63-19 Approved Method: IES Standard File Format for the Electronic Transfer of Photometric Data and Related Information *
LM-65-14 Life Testing of Single-Based Fluorescent Lamps
LM-66-14 Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Single-Based Fluorescent Lamp
LM-72-97/R10 Directional Positioning of Photometric Data (Reaffirmed 2003, 2010)
LM-73-18 Photometric Testing of Entertainment Lighting Luminaires Using Incandescent Filament Lamps or High Intensity Discharge Lamps*
LM-74-05 Standard File Format for the Electronic Transfer of Luminaire Component Data
LM-75-19 Approved Method: Guide to Goniometer Measurements and Types, and Photometric Coordinate Systems*
LM-77-09 Intensity Distribution Measurement of Luminaires and Lamps Using Digital Screen Imaging Photometry
LM-78-17 Approved Method for Total Luminous Flux Measurement of Lamps using an Integrating Sphere Photometer
LM-79-19 Approved Method: Optical and Electrical Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products
LM-80-15 Measuring Luminous Flux and Color Maintenance of LED Packages, Arrays and Modules*
LM-81-10 Photometric Testing of Skylights and Tubular Daylighting Devices Under Hemispheric Sky Conditions
LM-82-12 Characterization of LED Light Engines and LED Lamps for Electrical and Photometric Properties as a Function of Temperature
LM-83-12 IES Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA) and Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE)
LM-84-14 Measuring Luminous Flux and Color Maintenance of LED Lamps, Light Engines, and Luminaires
LM-85-14 Electrical and Photometric Measurements of High-Power LEDs
LM-86-15 Measuring Luminous Flux and Color Maintenance of Remote Phosphor Components
LM-88-18 Approved Method: Optical and Electrical Measurements of AC-LED Packages and Arrays or Modules
HB-10-11 The Lighting Handbook, 10th Edition