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The goal of this study was to understand the effects of lighting source types and light levels on the visual performance of pedestrians and drivers on the critical visual tasks in parking lots and garages. The results of this study will inform the lighting level recommendations for parking facilities in IES Recommended Practice (RP) documents.

In the current study, pedestrians’ and drivers’ visual performance and their perceptions of safety, comfort, and visibility were evaluated at a parking garage and at parking lots with asphalt and concrete pavements under three light source types (high-pressure sodium luminaires, 3000-K light-emitting diode [LED] luminaires, and 5000-K LED luminaires) and at multiple light levels. Visual performance involved facial and hand recognition, wheel stop detection, detection of a side-facing pedestrian, and detection of a vehicle backing up from a parking spot. Perceptions of safety, comfort, and visibility were assessed by means of a questionnaire.

Secure PDF: 41 pages
Publisher: Illuminating Engineering Society (2019)