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This symposium was designed to bring together current research on the question of, “What happens to people when we light their environment?” We went beyond the traditional visual performance response which the IES and others have studied for many years and looked more deeply into areas such as the psychological aspects of light, social responses to light and the relationship of light to health and well-being. The goals of the 2014 Light Behavior Lighting Research Symposium were:

  • Identify and present key research on the subject
  • Exchange ideas and connect with those individuals and organizations involved in the research
  • Incorporate research findings into IES committee work and recommendations
  • Discover and define growth opportunities for IES members and the lighting industry
  • Enhance IES competency and expertise
  • Promote the leadership of IES in advanced lighting concepts and practices.

The symposium had a unique format. We had 3 application areas (education, health care, and urban environments) with 3 speaker sessions on each topic. The first speaker for each application area, a designer, presented a series of “case studies” or examples of typical design parameters or techniques that are tried and true–but not necessarily backed up by research–all having to do with light’s effect on human behavior in that application. Then two researchers (one for visual and one for non-visual processes relevant to the application), several of them psychologists, discussed the science behind the design presentation.

The final report includes the final presentations of the speakers, summaries of the posters shown at the symposium and a summary of our two days in Cleveland, OH.

Digital PDF: 26 pages
Publisher: Illuminating Engineering Society (2014)
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