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The third Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) lighting research symposium, held in Gaithersburg MD in April 2016, took an in-depth look at specific aspects of light and color. The four elements of focus were:

  • Color Metrics
  • Color Vision
  • Color Perception
  • Color Preference

The general goals of the symposium were:

  • Identify and present key research on the subject of light and color
  • Provide a format for exchanging ideas and connecting individuals and organizations involved in and interested in the research
  • Link research and application by experiential demonstrations
  • Incorporate research findings into IES committee work and other recommended practice

Attendance at the symposium numbered 170 and represented a wide variety of organizations and professions, including lighting research, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, retail, textile chemistry, lighting design, interior design, standards, instrumentation, and academia (both students and faculty).

The symposium employed a unique format for the symposium speaker sessions, with two speakers presenting on each of the four focused topics — one speaker covering current research and the other covering design and applications in the real world. The purpose of such a format was to make a robust connection between research that is known and research that is needed relative to color and then relating that research to lighting application and practice. Two additional special keynote speakers, along with poster papers, lab tours, networking, and demonstrations further enriched the attendee experience.

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