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Approved American National StandardANSI/IES RP-39-19

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ANSI Approved
Approved American National StandardThe effect on the community and environment should be carefully weighed whenever lighting of off-roadway signs is considered. Lighting should maintain the minimum luminance required for visibility and be extinguished when no longer needed, to minimize the negative impacts of glare, light trespass, sky glow, animal attraction, and driver distraction. The recommendations in ANSI/IES RP-39-19 include restrictions on maximum sign luminance; lower luminance may be desirable and appropriate, depending on the graphic content of the sign and the background luminance of the surroundings. In developing the recommendations included in this document, the transient adaption of the human eye was a primary focus and concern.

ANSI/IES RP-39-19 provides guidelines only for the lighting of signs that are located off the right of way of roadways—in other words, all signs not regulated by a federal, state, provincial, or local jurisdiction—and includes on- and off-premise, internally and externally illuminated, and electronic signs. (For recommendations for roadway signs used for vehicle or pedestrian navigation, refer to ANSI/IES RP-8-18, Recommended Practice for Design and Maintenance of Roadway and Parking Facilities.)

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Publisher: Illuminating Engineering Society (2019)
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