IES LM-58-13

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This document describes the requirements and recommendations of the instruments and the procedures for spectroradiometric measurements including those of color performance, spectral irradiance, spectral radiance, and spectral total radiant flux, either in relative or in absolute units.

The spectral range is from approximately 200 nm to 1700 nm where the characterization of light from lighting sources, visual displays and light emitting diodes, is most commonly done. This document does not provide in-depth detail on every subject but directs the user to references that completely describe the concepts. The light source or device under test shall be operated in accordance with the appropriate IES LM (Lighting Measurement) or ANSI (American National Standards Institute) document pertaining to the device and is not described in this document.

Softcover or Secure PDF: 11 pages
Publisher: Illuminating Engineering Society (2014)
SKU: IES LM-58-13
ISBN-13: 978-0-87995-284-6
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