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By Mark S. Rea

We often do not fully understand what lighting can do for us. We know that we need lighting, but often that is as far as the thinking goes. We do a really good job, however, of conceptualizing the costs of those lighting systems because we can readily measure those costs. Reducing costs will certainly increase the value ratio for lighting if the benefits of the lighting system are held constant. Without a clear purpose for the lighting system, and no clear idea of benefits, there is little else that can be used in the value engineering process.

This book is dedicated to the notion that our society undervalues light because we do not properly measure the benefits of light, in terms of both the lighting system and how it is applied. Consequently, we unnecessarily waste our natural and capital resources. The problems associated with inadequate light-measurement systems are not hard to grasp or even to fix, and are the subject of Value Metrics for Better Lighting. This book was written as a starting point for thoughtful consideration, discussion, and action by those vested in better and more-sustainable lighting, including manufacturers, practitioners, regulators, advocates, educators, and, of course, users.

Softcover: 113 pages
Publisher: SPIE Press (2012)
SKU: PB-354-13
ISBN-13: 978-0819493224
Dimensions: 6” x 9″

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