Research Symposia

IES Research Symposia are organized by the IES Research Symposium Committee and have been held since 2012. These Symposia bring together lighting professionals, designers, and academics.

2020 IES Research Symposium2020 IES Research Symposium
Light + Quality: Meaningful Metrics Beyond Energy
Orlando, Florida
April 27-29, 2020

How do you balance the push for energy codes that require reduced lighting power densities and automatic lighting controls with a holistic view of the purpose of the lighting? Lighting that addresses a comprehensive approach to satisfying human visual and non-visual needs must consider lighting quality concerns such as glare, color quality, flicker, luminance ratios, spatial distribution of light, and others.

Research that documents how these lighting quality issues affect measurable human responses such as productivity, performance, comfort, satisfaction, and overall well-being in a variety of lighting applications continues to emerge. More efforts are needed to inform future design directions and to serve as an important constraint when defining lighting goals.

This symposium will consolidate the current evidence related to these topics and current metrics, and will define future research priorities.

Check back soon for more information about dates and location! Read more about Lighting Quality on FIRES.



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