Dec 1, 2016

March 6-7, 2012 | Washington, D.C.

Light + Seniors – A Vision for the Future

The purpose of this symposium was to foster discussion and report on ways that lighting can be used to maintain vision, mental and physical health, and quality of life for those with aging eyes.

The symposium presentations were organized into two one-day sessions, the first day being devoted to research findings about people with older eyes and vision problems, as well as research about the connections between light and health. The second day focused on how research might be applied to future lighting recommendations, designs, and products. In addition to attending the research presentations, symposium participants had many opportunities interact with the speakers and to view and discuss research poster papers on a variety of topics related to lighting and the aging eye.

In the closing session of the symposium, participants discussed the following key learning impacts:

Download the recap of this symposium. [PDF 1.1MB]

Download the handouts and posters presented at the symposium. [Zip 94MB]