Sep 18, 2018

Standard Specific Research Grant

IES Standards are consensus-based lighting recommendations that rely on research findings from a wide variety of sources. Occasionally, a critical piece of information for setting Standards is either unavailable, or equivocal from previously published research, and a specific research project could solve the issue to yield a stronger Standard. In these cases, the IES provides leadership by advocating for specific research projects for the purpose of Standards development.

We invite any committee who sees a research gap to apply for this grant.

Grants must contain ALL items in the order listed. Applications missing information will not be considered.

Project Selection

Projects will be approved on a rolling basis. Approval is granted by the Board of Directors after review by the Standards & Research Department.

Standard-Specific Research Grant Application

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Full names of submitters (a potential funder, or any combination of committees and co-sponsors)
  3. Identify confirmed co-funder(s)
  4. Identify possible additional co-funder(s)
  5. Identify how the proposed research project falls within at least one of the SRP-16 Strategic Research Goals.
    • Refine Knowledge about Lighting and Visual Processes
    • Understand the Impact of Light Exposure on Human Health
    • Foster the Integration of Lighting into the Holistic Built Environment
    • Demonstrate the Value of Quality Lighting
  1. Identify the Standard(s) involved, the specific item within the Standard(s) that requires research for resolution, and a description of how a single research project could reliably resolve the issue(s).
  2. Proposed timeline
  3. Proposed conceptual protocol to demonstrate the ability to resolve the issue, within the timeline.

Please email all requested material as ONE (1) pdf to [email protected].