Past Projects

Parking Lot Lighting Research Project

  • Collaborating Funder: Southern California Edison, California
  • Principal Investigator: Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
  • Objectives: To determine appropriate lighting design criteria for the design of lighting systems in parking lots and parking garages, and to further evaluate how various lighting levels affect visual impacts on performing tasks aligned with that criteria.

Final Report Published 2019

Measure and Report Luminaire Dirt Depreciation (LDD) in Led Luminaires for Street and Roadway Lighting Applications

Collaborating Funders: Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Principal Investigator: Center for Infrastructure-Based Safety Systems, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Objectives: The primary objective of this research was to determine LDD for various types of LED luminaires in the field.  This research sought to characterize LED luminaire performance for various luminaire optics types, luminaire materials, luminaire IP ratings, and luminaire installation environments.

Final Report Published 2016