Sep 26, 2017

The LEUKOS Special Issue on Lighting Research Methods, is now available online and is open access thanks to joint sponsorship by CIE and IES.  This issue covers aspects of lighting research, including human factors in lighting research, suggestions about judging the scientific quality of lighting research, measuring lighting conditions for non-image forming aspects, measuring static and ambulatory light exposure, characterizing color discrimination, the use of category ratings in lighting research, determination of sample size, the use of VR for lighting research, and the language of lighting.

Table of Contents

Lighting Research Today: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Jennifer A. Veitch & Robert G. Davis

Tutorial: Theoretical Considerations When Planning Research on Human Factors in Lighting: Yvonne A.W. de Kort

Review Articles:
Judging the Scientific Quality of Applied Lighting Research: Jennifer A. Veitch, Steve A. Fotios & Kevin W. Houser

Subjective Assessments of Lighting Quality: A Measurement Review: Alicia C. Allan, Veronica Garcia-Hansen, Gillian Isoardi & Simon S. Smith

Using Category Rating to Evaluate the Lit Environment: Is a Meaningful Opinion Captured?: Steve Fotios

Power Analysis, Sample Size, and Assessment of Statistical Assumptions—Improving the Evidential Value of Lighting Research : J. Uttley

Methods to Describe and Measure Lighting Conditions in Experiments on Non-Image-Forming Aspects : Martine Knoop, Kai Broszio, Aicha Diakite, Carolin Liedtke, Mathias Niedling, Inga Rothert, Frederic Rudawski & Nils Weber

Comparison of Static and Ambulatory Measurements of Illuminance and Spectral Composition That Can Be Used for Assessing Light Exposure in Real Working Environments: Mathias Adamsson, Thorbjörn Laike & Takeshi Morita

An Adjusted Error Score Calculation for the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test: Tony Esposito

Adequacy of Immersive Virtual Reality for the Perception of Daylit Spaces: Comparison of Real and Virtual Environments: Kynthia Chamilothori, Jan Wienold & Marilyne Andersen

The Language of Lighting: Applying Semiotics in the Evaluation of Lighting Design: Thomas Schielke