RP-16 Addenda

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Addendum 1 for ANSI/IES RP-16-17, Nomenclature and Definitions for Illuminating Engineering

Addendum 1 was approved by the IES Standards Committee on March 28, 2018, and by the American National Standards Institute on April 25, 2018.

Changes to Existing Terms and Definitions:
CIE 1988 2o modified spectral luminous efficiency function for photopic vision, VM(λ)
CIE uniform color spaces
high bay lighting
low bay lighting
luminaire efficiency
values of spectral luminous efficiency for photopic vision, V(λ)
values of spectral luminous efficiency for scotopic vision, V’(λ)

Section Name or Number Changed:
Section 13.0 Tables is now Section T Tables.

New Terms and Definitions:
adaptive lighting
annual sunlight exposure (ASE)
bidirectional scatter distribution function (BSDF)
center-beam candlepower (CBCP)
centroid wavelength
equivalent veiling luminance
gamut area index (GAI)
halogen infrared (HIR)
isoluminance line
light trespass
lighting zone (interior lighting)
lighting zone (exterior lighting)
Mie scatter
occupancy sensor
organic light emitting diode (OLED)
personal tuning
Rayleigh scatter
reflected direct luminaire
spatial daylight autonomy (sDA)
spectral tuning
task tuning
threshold increment (TI)
track lighting
tunable lighting
vacancy sensor
visible transmittance

New Terms for Index Only:
blackbody curve
color tuning
contrast sensitivity
contrast threshold
light output ratio
motion detector
veiling luminance

Addendum 2 for ANSI/IES RP-16-17, Nomenclature and Definitions for Illuminating Engineering:

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