IES Research Strategic Plan

In 2015, the IES Board of Directors approved the formation of a Strategic Research Advisory Panel (SRAP) to develop the first-ever IES Strategic Research Plan, which was completed earlier this year. The purpose of the Research Strategic Plan is to identify key IES research needs over the next five years that support integrated lighting quality encompassing user needs; energy, environmental, and economic effectiveness; and architectural integrity.

The IES Research Strategic Plan is updated every five years by the Strategic Research Advisory Panel (SRAP) with input from standing committees and from individuals and organizations outside IES but with the same or related interests to IES.

Each strategic goal description is organized into sets of research subtopics and then further refined with a selection of important research questions,which can be found in the full report.

Goal 1: Refine Knowledge about Lighting and Visual Processes
Goal 2: Understand the Impact of Light Exposure on Human Health
Goal 3: Foster the Integration of Lighting into the Holistic Built Environment
Goal 4: Demonstrate the Value of Quality Lighting