Committee Group: Lighting Applications

Statement of Purpose

This Technical Committee researches and develops best practices for educational facilities.

Committee Scope Parameters

  • Included subject matter: The scope includes facilities specifically dedicated to education, from pre-school classrooms to universities.
  • Excluded subject matter: It does not address all possible facilities where educational programs could take place, such as convention centers or hotel ballrooms.
Documents maintained by this committee

RP-3 ANSI/IES American National Standard Practice on Lighting for Educational Facilities

  • Andrea Wilkerson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Staff Liaison
  • Geomara Flores
  • Patricia A. McGillicuddy
  • Rachel A. Gibney
  • Kristin M. Raduenz, HGA
  • Wanda J. Barchard, Metro CD Engineering, LLC
  • Kai S. Jaffe
  • Dawn Kack, Columbia Lighting Inc.
  • Becky Kuebler, Cree Inc.
  • Chad Loomis
  • Paul E. Mahaney, Syracuse University
  • Chad McSpadden
  • Shanna L. Olson, KJWW Engineering Consultants
  • David S. Orgish, O'Mahony & Myer Inc
  • Anjan Sarkar, CD+M Lighting Design Group, LLC
  • Turquoise L. Shaw, Amerensco Inc.
Advisory Members
  • James T. Ashmore, Vision3 Design, Inc.
  • Ilva Dodaj, Domingo Gonzalez Associates Inc
  • Jorge Encarnacion
  • Dane Hanson
  • Julia Heutel, HOK Architects Inc
  • John C. Lamb
  • Doreen Le May Madden, Lux Lighting Design Inc
  • Scott D. Padios
  • Rich Rattray, LEDVANCE
  • Kim C. Reitterer, Elm Engineering Inc
  • Adolfo A. Reyes
  • Nino F. De La Rosa
  • Al Uszynski, Seoul Semiconductor
  • Kandy L. Welch, Luminis Lighting