“There’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.”

The IES welcomes your interest in developing lighting standards. Using the ANSI approved consensus process ensures that lighting standards that are non-biased, free of commercial influences, up to date, and educational. IES Standards are developed using the highest quality processes and resources—you!

New Committees are Forming and Open for Applicants

  • Lighting Economics
  • Stage Lighting
  • Houses of Worship
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Lighting Design/Common Applications

Existing Committees Open for Applicants

Call for IES Technical Committee authors – ANSI/IES targeted interest categories:
General Interest: General Public, Academic, Regulatory
User: Designs, specifies or maintains lighting equipment, accessories or controls
Producer: Electrical Utilities, manufacturers of light sources, equipment, accessories or controls

Aviation RP: Producer and General Interest
Commissioning: Producer and General Interest
Computer: General Interest
Computer BIM SC: General Interest
Control Protocols: General Interest
Dark Adapted Glare: Producer
Daylight Metrics: Producer
Daylighting: Producer
Educational Facilities: General Interest
Energy Efficiency Lighting Programs: General Interest
Energy Management: General Interest and Producer
Healthcare Facilities: General Interest and Producer
Hospitality FacilitiesGeneral Interest and Producer
Industrial FacilitiesUser and General Interest
Library LightingGeneral Interest and Producer
Lighting Economics: All categories
Light SourcesGeneral Interest
Lighting for Outdoor Public Spaces: General Interest
Lighting MaintenanceGeneral Interest and Consumer
Nomenclature and DefinitionsProducer and Consumer
Office LightingGeneral Interest
Outdoor Environmental Lighting: General Interest
Port Terminals: General Interest
Resilience LightingGeneral Interest
Retail Lighting: General Interest
Roadway Lighting: General Interest
Skyglow: Producer and User
SustainabilityGeneral Interest
Sports LightingGeneral Interest
Testing ProceduresGeneral Interest, User
Videoconference Lighting: General Interest