Committee Group: Lighting Science

Statement of Purpose

This Technical Committee develops standard test and measurement procedures with a focus on outdoor applications.

Committee Scope Parameters

  • Included subject matter: The scope includes test and measurement procedures and calculation practices for illumination characteristics of sources, materials, and lighting equipment in outdoor applications.
  • Excluded subject matter: This committee does not cover specific applications of testing procedures which are addressed by the other Testing Procedures subcommittees.
Documents maintained by this committee

LM-28-12 Approved Method: IES Guide for the Selection, Care, and Use of Electrical Instruments in the Photometric Laboratory
LM-50-13 IES Approved Method for Photometric Measurement of Roadway and Street Lighting Installations
LM-52-03 IES Guide for Photometric Measurements of Roadway Sign Installations
LM-61-06 IES Approved Guide for Identifying Operating Factors Influencing Measured vs. Predicted Performance for Installed Outdoor High Intensity Discharge (HID) Luminaires
LM-71-14 IES Approved Guide: Photometric Measurement of Tunnel Lighting Installations
LM-75-01 Goniophotometer Types and Photometric Coordinates

Staff Liaison
  • Geomara Flores
  • Brian Liebel
  • Patricia A. McGillicuddy
  • James E. Leland, Copia LLC
  • C. Cameron Miller, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Michael L. Grather, LightLab International
  • Robert E. Horan, Retired
  • Ryan Kelley, LTI Optics, LLC
  • Gary A. Steinberg, GE Consumer & Industrial Lighting
  • Tatsukiyo Uchida, Panasonic Corporation
Advisory Members
  • Carl K. Andersen, Federal Highway Administration
  • Rolf S. Bergman, Rolf Bergman Consulting
  • Kevin C. Broughton
  • Ellen C. Carter
  • David W. Chan, Integer Springs Sdn. Bhd.
  • Grace A. Connelly
  • Calvin Galberth, Cree Inc.
  • Richard V. Heinisch
  • Bin Hou
  • Hamid Kashaninejad, Leotek Electronics USA, LLC
  • Lorence E. Leetzow, MAGNARAY International
  • Philip McCarthy, Hubbell Lighting, Inc.
  • Don Miletich
  • Edmund H. Morel, Archibald & Meek
  • Dante P. Nava
  • Michael Piscitelli, Sapphire Technical Solutions, LLC
Honorary Members
  • Donald E. Husby
  • Robert C. Speck