Committee Group: Lighting Practice

Statement of Purpose

This Technical Committee researches and develops best practices for lighting that must absorb, recover from, and more successfully adapt to adverse events such as storms and earthquakes.

Committee Scope Parameters

  • Included subject matter: The scope includes suitable materials, design techniques, and construction procedures for improving the standard of practice for lighting in anticipation of adverse events.
  • Excluded subject matter: This committee does not cover general maintenance of light sources and systems.
  • Nicola D. Ferzacca, Architectural Engineering Design Group Inc.
Staff Liaison
  • Alex Baker
  • Geomara Flores
  • Mark S. Lien
  • Patricia A. McGillicuddy
  • Carla Bukalski, Eaton Inc
  • Peniamin R. Chavdarian
  • Ronald Gibbons, Virginia Tech
  • Terry K. McGowan
  • Betty Lou Pacey
  • Thomas W. Patten, Blue Oak Energy LLC
  • Amanda B. Thornton
  • Avery Yearwood, CSA Group