Committee Group: Lighting Practice

Statement of Purpose

This Technical Committee researches and develops best practices for sustainable lighting design which is visually effective and appealing with environmental and economic value.

Committee Scope Parameters

  • Included subject matter: The scope includes elements of sustainable lighting design, environmental assessment of lighting practices, light source and luminaire design specific to sustainability, and lighting product disposal.
  • Excluded subject matter: This committee does not cover energy efficiency programs or energy efficient lighting that falls outside the realm of sustainability.
Documents maintained by this committee

DG-22 Design Guide for Sustainable Lighting: An Introduction to the Environmental Impacts of Lighting

  • Jeffrey Boynton, Integrative Technical Consulting
Staff Liaison
  • Geomara Flores
  • Patricia A. McGillicuddy
  • Kenneth O. Latal, ICF Incorporated
  • Marilyne Andersen, EPFL-ENAC-IA-LIPID
  • James T. Ashmore, Vision3 Design, Inc.
  • Edward Bartholomew, National Grid
  • Cheryl R. English, Acuity Brands, Inc.
  • Nicola D. Ferzacca, Architectural Engineering Design Group Inc.
  • Pamela K. Horner
  • Bruce Hostetter
  • Hyman M. Kaplan, Hy-Lite Design
  • Michael M. Lane, Puget Sound Energy
  • Terry K. McGowan
  • Leslie M. North, Aurora Lighting Design, Inc.
  • Linda J. Sanford, Pacific Energy Center
  • Meg Smith
Advisory Members
  • John S. An
  • Peping Dee, Inform Lightworks
  • Deborah Dunning
  • Siva K. Haran
  • Glenn Heinmiller, Lam Partners Inc.
  • Samantha E. Hollomon, LaFleur Associates
  • Stephen W. Horner, MRD
  • Carol C. Jones, Axis Lighting
  • Ken Kane
  • Amy Keller, Kalwall Corporation
  • Matt Latchford, Lam Partners
  • Lorence E. Leetzow, MAGNARAY International
  • Mark S. Lien, Illuminating Engineering Society
  • Andrew Lindstrom, Cree Inc.
  • Mark Loeffler, Mark Loeffler Design Consulting
  • Sean G. Mooney
  • Lukas J. Sturm, Lumen Studio, Inc.
  • Paul J. Walitsky