Committee Group: Lighting Science
Statement of Purpose

This Technical Committee researches and makes recommendations regarding the visual effects of the spectral distribution of light sources.

Committee Scope Parameters

  • Included subject matter: The scope includes methods based on the effect of light source SPDs in interior and roadway applications upon the ability to discern visual detail.
  • Excluded subject matter: This committee does not cover effects such as brightness perception, color rendering, discomfort glare, circadian rhythm, or other health considerations.
Chairman: Michael Lambert
Vice Chairman:
Staff Liaison: Pat McGillicuddy
Documents maintained by this committee

TM-12-12 Spectral Effects of Lighting on Visual Performance at Mesopic Lighting Levels
TM-24-13 An Optional Method for Adjusting the Recommended Illuminance for Visually Demanding Tasks within IES Illuminance Categories P through Y Based on Light Source Spectrum