Light and Human Health: An Overview of the Impact of Light on Visual, Circadian, Neuroendocrine and Neurobehavioral Responses

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The aim of this document is twofold:

  1. to explain the physiology by which the retina converts optical radiation (visual spectrum of light) signals into neural signals for visional and for circadian, neuroendocrine, and neurobehaviorial responses, and
  2. to discuss the responses of these systems to optical radiation stimuli.

The document is not concerned with the impact of optical radiation on the skin or other tissues, only ocular exposure.

Softcover or Digital PDF: 23 pages
Publisher: Illuminating Engineering Society (2011)
SKU: TM-18-08
ISBN-13: 978-0-87995-228-0
Dimensions: 8½” x 11″

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Overview of the Retina
Part 3: Overview of the Circadian, Neuroendocrine, and Neuorobehavioral Responses to Optical Radiation
Part 4: Lighting Characteristics Affecting the Visual System
Part 5: Optical Radiation Characteristics Affecting the Circadian Neuroendocrine, and Neurobehavioral Systems
Part 6: Measuring Optical Radiation for Circadian, Neuroendocrine, and Neurobehavioral Regulation
Part 7: Conclusions