Announcement of IES Board of Directors Election Slate

Nonprofits rely immensely on their Boards of Directors. The IES is fortunate to have a dedicated Board that is invested in ensuring that the association executes on its strategic vision and elevates the Society to new heights. At the 2019 IES Annual Conference, the Nominating Committee convened to perform the process of identifying the slate of Board of Director candidates that will appear on the ballot at the next Annual Membership Meeting. Chaired by the immediate Past President no longer serving on the Board, the Nominating Committee, which is comprised of four members selected by the Regions and three at-large members, is tasked with representing the membership in this important duty. There was one current Board member (Past President) that served on the Nominating Committee, and this follows the policies of the organization. It was truly a committee of the membership identifying its future leaders.

The Nominating Committee interviewed candidates for the Vice President, Treasurer and three At-Large Director positions. The IES has a clear strategic vision, as well as a set of criteria and desired competencies it requires from its Board Members. The Nominating Committee’s goal is to provide the link between these two, evaluate each candidate based on the roles, responsibilities, and skillset necessary for each position, and identify leaders that embody the necessary characteristics to allow us to execute on our strategy.

The Nominating Committee voted to present the following individuals for approval on the next ballot:

  • At-Large Director: Jorge Lujan, CDM2 Lightworks (new candidate)
  • At-Large Director: Ira Rothman, Apex Lighting Solutions (new candidate)
  • At-Large Director: Kelly Seeger, Signify (new candidate)
  • Treasurer: James Potts, Eaton Lighting (new candidate)
  • Vice President (President-Elect): Susanne Seitinger, Verizon

There were also two Regional Director positions that required nomination from their Regions. The Regional Nominating Committee (RNC) in both the South and West Region convened, each chaired by one of their respective District Chairs, to identify who will be put forward as Regional Director for each Region. The RNC includes the President and Secretary of each Section within its respective Districts, or designated alternate delegates from Section Boards of Managers, and the respective District Chairs and Vice-Chairs. These Regional Nominating Committees present the following individuals for approval from their regional members on the next ballot:

  • South Regional Director: Billy Tubb, Theatre Systems and Lighting Consultation (renewed for a second term)
  • West Regional Director: Mindy Iannello, Performance Lighting Systems (new candidate)

On March 1, 2020, all voting members of our Society will receive an electronic ballot to cast your vote with regards to the slate of candidates outlined above for their respective roles. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tim Licitra, IES Executive Director, at

Nominating Committee Process

This committee is established to represent the membership in the “vetting” of Board Member candidates. The Nominating Committee follows a very detailed and specific process to ensure fairness and that the best candidates are chosen. This process includes important tasks, such as:

  • Understanding the IES strategic plan and roles and responsibilities of each Board position.
  • Reviewing the candidate submissions and interviewing all candidates face-to-face. This part of the process is not to determine what the candidates “have done” for IES, but more precisely what characteristics they have that can provide value to IES in the future.
  • Determining whether a single or multiple candidate slate ballot choice is put forward to the membership during the voting process. It is important to note that the Nominating Committee spends a lot of time on this part of the process. The committee wants to be completely positive that if they were to put forward multiple candidates, that all are able to perform the roles and responsibilities of their respective Board position and meet the qualifications that we are seeking, in order to prevent the vote on multiple candidates from becoming a popularity contest.

The Nominating Committee is established to represent the membership and conduct this important process on your behalf. Voting as part of the Board election process is a very important member benefit and an opportunity for you to have input on how well you were represented by the Nominating Committee.