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At the 2018 IES Research Symposium the latest research on how light during the day and night affects our circadian, biological, and behavioral responses was presented along with discussions on how this research might affect current and future design applications. The Symposium brought together researchers and design professionals for an open exchange of ideas that will influence future priorities for developing and adopting metrics, standards, and recommended practices.


Conference Program: Presentations and Posters
Session 1
What we know about the effects of light on humans
G. Brainard, Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University; S. Lockley, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women’s Hospital; K. Wright, Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder

Session 2
Panel discussion – When light and life collide
C. Cajochen, Ph.D., University of Basel; M. Carskadon, Ph.D., Brown University; C. Czeisler, Ph.D., MD, Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Session 3
Panel discussion – New approaches in healthcare applications
M. Alcaraz, PE, LC, LEED BD C, Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia; B. Karlicek, Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; M. White, LC, Schuler Shook Inc.

Session 4
Assessing light at night
D. Blask, MD, Ph.D., Tulane University; R. Gibbons, Ph.D., Virginia Tech; E. Schernhammer, MD, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School

Session 5
Panel discussion – Human health considerations in indoor lighting applications
M. Figueiro, Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; K. Murphy, LC, IALD, LEED AP, HDR; C. Samla, PE, LC, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Session 6
Panel discussion – Developing metrics for light & health applications.
M. Herf, f.lux; J. Veitch, Ph.D., National Research Council of Canada; M. Figueiro, Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; S. Lockley, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Poster Papers
Do Visually Interesting Sunlight Patterns Impact Occupants’ Perceived Glare in Daylit Offices?
B. Abboushi, I. Elzeyadi

Healthy Luminous Environment Design of Patient’s Room
A. Al-Mohaisen

Design Options within Light and Health Metrics
U. Besenecker

Engagement and satisfaction with a multi-component lighting intervention for enhancing sleep, circadian health and performance in military hospital staff
E. Schmied, E. Harrison, A. Powell, A. Yablonsky, G. Glickman

Sleep Wake Stability and Mood in Brain Injured Patients with Light Therapy Intervention
J. Hanifin, S. Jasser, B. Warfield, S. Kanumilli, L. Panepinto, F. Disoke, T. Glodjo, K. Atkinson, C. Glatts, M. Serruya, G. Brainard

Intervention Study of Flicker-Free Drivers
H. Hemphälä, J. Lindén, K. Bruck, M. Mårtensson, F. Malmborg, M. Heiden

The Effect of Lighting on Older Adults’ Visual and Non-Visual Performance: A Systematic Research Review
X. Lu, N-K. Park, S. Ahrentzen

A Workflow for Assessing Circadian Daylight Performance of the Electrochromic Glazing
A. Malekafzali

Implications of Color Tuning on User Evaluations and Efficacy in a Hospital Patient Room
P. Rizzo, D. Maniccia, T. Esposito, J. Kim, J. Yu, D. Ziembienski

Overview of Research Funding by the McClung Lighting Research Foundation
T. McGowan

Light Level Exposure Conditions in Residences
N. Miller, B. Kinzey

Tuning Indoor Lighting to Human Needs
K. Mills, K. Rountree, L. Davis

Challenges of Connected Lighting and Sensor Integration
W. Mills, K. Martin, J. Cathey, S. Barde

Knowledge Resource on Circadian Systems, Dark Sky, Light and Color
T. Odenthal

Lighting and ED Clinician Wellness and Performance Improvement
O. Perez, C. Strother, R. Vincent, H. Kaplan

The Effects of Blue-Enriched White LED Light on Office Workers’ Self-Reported Wellbeing
S. Rahman, E. McNeely, A. Dumas, G. Tedhams, S. Lockley

The ISS Dynamic Lighting Schedule: An In-Flight Lighting Countermeasure to Facilitate Circadian Adaptation, Improve Sleep and Enhance Alertness and Performance on the International Space Station
S. Rahman, M. St. Hilaire, L. Barger, G. Brainard, C. Czeisler, E. Klerman, S. Lockley

A New Method for Annual Circadian Lighting Evaluation
D. Rong, Jie Zhao

A Systematic Review on the Impacts of Lighting on Sleep Quality of Various Age Groups
N. Shishegar

Determining Retinal Exposure – A Comparison of Metrics
D. Sliney

DoE 2015 Innovative Office Lighting with Integrated Spectrally Adaptive Control
M. Smith

Mathematical Comparison of Circadian Lighting Metrics
N. Stodola

Using Light and Darkness to Improve Outcomes in a Pediatric ICU/CIVU
J. Albrecht, S. Gupta, H. Molero, P. Rizzo, M. White

Applying Current Circadian Metrics and Software in the Built Environment – Lessons Learned in the Field
A. Wilkerson, R. Davis

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