Apr 26, 2019

The IES supports research projects that are directed to advance lighting knowledge in the areas of light and visual processes, light and human health, lighting quality, and the integration of lighting in the holistic built environment. Programs targeted toward funding research efforts in these areas are being formulated now, with the additional criteria that such research is done in collaboration with co-funders and that the knowledge gained will advance the understanding of lighting and IES Standards. To submit a project for consideration, visit our Opportunities page and send in your information, or email us at [email protected].

The IES supports sharing independent research through our conferences and events. Our primary resources for sharing independent research are through our peer-reviewed Journal, Leukos, and our papers and poster sessions held at our Annual Conference held in August. Our biannual Research Symposium is structured to address specific areas of interest through invited participation of internationally recognized experts that present the most current knowledge on the topics, and we actively support collaborative workshops with other organizations. In all our events, we seek to engage and collaborate with the broad diversity of interests contained within the lighting research community.

We also host the Forum on Illumination Research, Engineering and Science (FIRES), a moderated blog site for science and engineering articles that are reviewed by the IES Science Advisory Panel to ensure the veracity of the article content is consistent our community expectations, which are that the articles are technically oriented and supported by authoritative research (not just opinions), and that they contain original material that is relevant to illuminating engineering. Submit your articles and learn about our guidelines here.