Dec 7, 2021
At the Illuminating Engineering Society, everything we do is meant to advocate, engage, and educate the public about the impact of light on human life. Join us on our journey as we share how our beliefs guide us in our mission to improve life through quality of light.

Education is critical to maintaining a robust, dynamic lighting community.

A solid scientific foundation is essential to the practice of lighting. The IES Lighting Science Collection of standards focuses on the physics of lighting, vision, color science, photometry, non-visual effects of lighting, photobiology, lighting calculations and more. This Collection is now available for all IES individual members at no charge.

Lighting designs should minimize negative environmental impacts.

Light pollution negatively affects our environment and the human condition. The Five Principles for Responsible Outdoor Lighting (developed in collaboration with the International Dark-Sky Association) seek to guide our industry to be more socially and environmentally responsible.

Five Principles

Light is as important as air.

“Understandably, there has been renewed interest in the use of germicidal ultraviolet irradiation for disinfection purposes. We support more widespread use of UVGI technology as a vital tool in mitigating and preventing the spread of many more current and future viruses, as COVID-19 will not likely be our last pandemic.” 

David H. Sliney, Ph.D, IES Photobiology Committee Chair

Lighting designs should respond to human needs.

Humans need daylight, yet we have increasingly become an indoor species. How do we balance the use of technology in buildings with the understanding of humans’ essential connection to the outdoor world?

A Dose of Nature

We Believe…Light is vital to life.

Imagine the technology, the innovation, and the knowledge that the next decade in lighting may bring.

We Believe…Lighting should enhance comfort and aesthetics.

Sculpt the night and make magic with landscape lighting.

We Believe…Lighting should enhance comfort and aesthetics.

Introducing... We Believe