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IES offers multiple opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information and serves as a vehicle for its member’s professional development and recognition. The IES is comprised of over 8,000 individual members all across the globe. Member of the IES are consultants, researchers, designers, educators, manufacturers and consumers who are involved in lighting by profession.


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Leading the Conversation

IES is the authoritative source of lighting standards. We address topics that shape the future of our industry and provide unparalleled access to industry influencers and thought leaders

  • IES Events and Education to influence and lead what happens next in the lighting industry
  • Set Lighting Standards by joining an IES Technical Committee
  • District and Regional Events
Move Your Career Forward

IES provides connections and resources that move careers in lighting forward.

  • Membership Directory of the IES Membership Base to help members connect one-on-one.
  • Exclusive Local and National Volunteer opportunities that develop lighting standards, education courses and grant awards.
  • IES Career Center is the industry’s best resource for top talent and job opportunities.
Staying One Step Ahead

IES keeps it members keeps its members one step ahead with exclusive industry information.

  • The IES Lighting Library and Lighting Standards
  • IES Publications such as the award winning LD&A Magazines and LEUKOS the online research journal.
Recognizing Achievement

Recognizing Achievement
You can achieve recognition from the IES whether you are an experienced professional in the industry or a novice.