Sep 27, 2016

Welcome Lighting Professional!



When you join the IES, you obtain access to a wealth of educational resources, publications, content and standards to advance your professional knowledge. As a member, you are part of a peer-based community, and gain opportunities to build your professional network and enrich your leadership skills.


Enhance your knowledge with a wide variety of webinars and courses available for all skill levels. IES members receive free unlimited webinars and discounted CEUs.


Get the latest industry intelligence, most relevant standards, technical updates, trends, and news. IES membership includes LD+A Magazine and substantial savings on the Lighting Library.


Gain valuable leadership skills by becoming a mentor, volunteering for a committee, participating on your local section's board of managers, or presenting your research at one of our many events.


Access a community of peers and build lifelong friendships through your local section, Society events, and our global membership directory, available exclusively to IES members.
Exclusive Content & Education
Preferential Pricing

What type of membership is right for you?

Whether you are an individual looking to expand your knowledge and your network, or an organization in need of multiple logins to our Lighting Library of standards, our membership options provide you and your organization with the flexibility to select the membership level that best suits your needs and allows you to maximize your access to IES resources and benefits.


Full Member of the IES

Be a graduate from a 4-year, or longer, accredited college or university curriculum related to the science or art of illumination and an active professional in the field of lighting for at least 5 years (4 years if LC).


Obtained a degree from an accredited, 4-year college or university and made a valuable contribution to the science or art of illuminating engineering or its literature.


Minimum of 10 years in the practice or teaching of illumination. 5 of 10 years must be in a professional capacity. (LC only 10 years.)


Made exceptionally valuable contribution to the science or art of illuminating engineering or to its literature.

Membership cost: $200 USD


We welcome and encourage all individuals to join as an associate member regardless of memberships or certifications they may hold with other organizations.

An individual interested in the field of illumination and the mission of the Society.

  1. Applicants for admission or transfer to Associate shall be interested in the mission of the Society and shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  2. Associates shall be entitled to all current privileges but shall not serve on the Board or as a Committee Chair.

Membership cost: $200 USD

Emerging Professional

For those who are ready to enter the lighting industry, becoming an EP is a rewarding way to jump-start your career while having a lot of fun in the process.

An Emerging Professional (EP) is an individual who is employed in the lighting industry but has less than 5 years of experience in the lighting industry. EPs shall be entitled to all current privileges and benefits of the Society, but shall not serve on the Board or as a Committee Chair.

EPs are the future of lighting! Emerging Professionals have access to a wide array of resources including: A chance to engage with the Emerging Professionals Committee, mentorship opportunities with industry professionals, the chance to be highlighted in LD+A Magazine, and Emerging Professional Day at IES’s Annual Conference.

Membership cost: $95 USD


We see the future of lighting in students and hope you’ll join IES as a Student Member!

A student currently enrolled in an accredited degree or vocational program related to the field of illumination. Transcript required with application submission.

Student members receive the benefits of the society, but can currently not serve on the Board or as a Committee Chair.

Students have access to grants and scholarships, mentorship opportunities, and the ability to attend national events. Students also have access to societal sections made up of lighting industry professionals.

Membership cost: $25 USD

Emerging Countries

Members and Associates

As the IES looks to inspire growth in the lighting industry and become a more inclusive Society, it is essential that we consider our membership structure from the global perspective. It has become increasingly evident that our current membership dues rates are not attainable for some individuals outside of North America, and reduced membership dues are necessary to address the needs of lighting professionals living and working in Emerging Countries as defined by the World Bank (specifically for those categorized as Low-income and Lower-middle-income economies).

Click here to learn more.

Membership cost: $100 USD


The Sustaining Membership is for companies, institutions, and other organizations regardless of staff size or operational budget. Select the Sustaining Member level that best meets the needs of your organization and start maximizing the services and benefits provided by the IES for your company and your employees. Benefits include access to education and the new Lighting Library®, discounted memberships and attendances to society level events and conferences, promotion of your company on our website, at our annual events, and in the award-winning LD+A magazine. In addition, a portion of the Sustaining Membership dues are tax deductible (US only).

IES memberships are non-transferable.

Top Image: One Sino Park Sales Center – Photo by Yong-Gang Zhong