IES Emerging Professionals

IES Emerging Professionals

Why do I want to become an Emerging Professional?

Joining the IES as an EP has numerous advantages. It will add structure to your career development and guide you away from the career freefall that many people experience. There are many avenues you can explore to get involved, it all depends on what your goals are, and how much of your time and energy you’re willing to invest.

Social — You will be introduced to the lighting industry. From other Emerging Professionals all the way up to Industry leaders and many others in between, the opportunities for meaningful networking and the resulting possibilities are endless.

Knowledge — If you’re looking to become more knowledgeable in the lighting industry we offer courses of different levels from fundamentals up to advanced. We also offer study groups for those who want to pass their test to become Lighting Certified (LC).

Leadership — If you want to learn how to become a leader of tomorrow, becoming an EP will expose you to opportunities that you won’t typically find in your job and will accelerate your career development and make you into a stand-out employee… did we mention you will have a ton of fun along the way, and you get to keep all your newly learned skills?

Are you ready to become an Emerging Professional?

For those who are ready to enter the lighting industry, becoming an EP is a rewarding way to jumpstart your career while having a lot of fun in the process contact Marie Meacham, 212-248-5000

Hear what our EPs have to say

The EP Column addresses issues affecting younger lighting professionals and those new to the industry.

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