Ifeoma Ebo

Ifeoma Ebo

Ifeoma is an experienced Designer, Planner and trained Architect with a proven track record in transforming urban spaces into platforms for equity and design excellence. In her twenty-year career she has led projects in architecture, urban revitalization, community / large scale masterplanning, infrastructure upgrading, urban policy and neighborhood development.

Through leadership roles in urban design & development initiatives funded by the United Nations, FIFA and the NYC Mayors Office she has excelled in managing multidisciplinary teams towards the planning and implementation of projects supporting racial, social and cultural equity. As the founding Director of Creative Urban Alchemy LLC she is a highly sought-after consultant on equitable design and sustainable development strategy for city governments and civic institutions internationally.

She has served on Advisory Boards for the Mayor of Helsingborg, Sweden H22 Smart City Initiative, Association for Community Design, New York State Energy and Research Development Authority, the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and is a founding board member of the BlackSpace Urbanist Collective. She is a 2010 Architecture for Humanity Design Fellow, 2016 NYC Urban Design Forum Forefront Fellow and 2016 Next City Vanguard Fellow. She is currently an Adjunct Professor and Visiting Critic at Syracuse University, Cornell, University of Virginia and Columbia University. Ifeoma holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University and a Master in City Design and Development from MIT.

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