Jeremy Maxie, P.E., LC, RCDD

Jeremy is Associate Principal for RSA Engineering, Inc., an Alaskan MEP design firm.  RSA has been his professional home from the time he was finishing his electrical engineering degree in his early 30’s at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  Like many local design firms, RSA is a supporter of the IES and through them Jeremy became involved with the Anchorage section, eventually serving in various roles on the Board of Managers and then as District 6 Chair. 

Anchorage is home, with travel to all portions of the state by land, air, and water for the many design projects that Alaska offers.  Jeremy has been able to work on projects such as National Park Service design within historical sites, new or renovated schools throughout the state, security controls at correctional institutions, and many other projects in a number of fields.

His wife Kirsten is an attorney, and daughters Elliot and Alexa are in elementary school.  Activities away from the office include spending time with the girls, playing golf, fishing, travel, and reading something non-technical once in a while.