Kelly O’Connor

Kelly is the Regional Lighting Supply Chain Manager of the Great Lakes, Ohio and Canada for SourceBlue LLC. SourceBlue is affiliated with Turner Construction Company. A graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Specialization in Latin American and Caribbean studies. In her role with SourceBlue she has been able to utilize her 12+ years of lighting background to support her project teams throughout the various phases of construction offering feedback on maintaining design intent, specification substitution and value engineering. She began her lighting career working for a lighting representative agency then transitioning to work for a large lighting design and procurement firm. She continues to advance her lighting knowledge through her IES involvement and industry connections. She has been an active member in the Detroit section for the last 10+ years, serving as section secretary, vice president, and president. She also served as the district vice chair prior to joining the Board of Directors. She currently resides in Clawson, MI with her husband and her dog Gracie. She still enjoys a good Spartan football or basketball win, cooking and traveling in her free time.