cold-cathode fluorescent lamp

[] An electric-discharge lamp whose mode of operation is that of a glow discharge in mercury vapor wherein an internal fluorescing coating (phosphor) transforms ultraviolet energy from the positive column into light.


(i) Approbation bodies in North America limit the operating current for cold cathode lamps to between 120 mA and 240 mA in specific applications.

(ii) The fluorescent cold-cathode type of lamp with a diameter greater than 20 mm is commonly used for architectural and general lighting applications, but through popular usage is commonly referred to as a cold-cathode lamp.

(iii) Discharge lamps used in signage and related applications may be either of the cold cathode or of the fluorescent cold-cathode type. Through popular usage, signage lamps that are less than 20 mm in diameter are frequently referred to as neon lamps.

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