Jan 25, 2021

Requesting Approval for IES Continuing Education Units (CEUs)and AIA Learning Units (LUs)through IES EducationDepartment

Presentations must be done in person or through the IES Section Zoom Webinar Program. The IES will not approve IES CEUs nor administer requests for AIA LUs if the presentation is being delivered by a third-party online platform.

The IES Education Department will administer requests for AIA LUs only if the submittal also indicates a request for IES CEUs and has been approved for such.

Presentations must not be promotional. They must be educational or informational and be considered under the broad topics of light and lighting, including but not exclusive to the Science, Practice, and Application of lighting and all technologies, research, and documentation.

Any presentation delivered by a for-profit may have the entity’s name and logo on the first and final slide only. Headers and footers are included with this restriction.

To submit a request for IES CEUs, one of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The presenter is an IES Member in good standing
  2. The presenter works for an IES Sustaining Member at the Benefactor or higher level
  3. The presentation is being delivered to IES Membership through the Section, District, Region, or Society levels

Approval for (i) and (ii) is good for two years. Approval for (iii) is good for that unique event (one-time) only.

The approval is for the specific presenter/presentation combination. Different presenters will require separate requests.
Each subsequent delivery of the presentation must be registered by filling out the Request for IES CEU AIA LU Program Approval Form.

How do I apply for IES CEU approval?

Request for IES CEUs must be submitted 4 weeks before the event by completing the Request for IES CEU/AIA-LU Program Approval Form and IES Education Presenter Agreement Form.

Request for IES CEU AIA LU Program Approval Form

IES Education Presenter Agreement Form

If you are delivering an in-person, face-to-face event, once you receive approval, you may start to market the event.

Post-event, please fill out the Post-Event Roster Attendance Form.
NOTE: CEUs are only earned by attendance; mere registration does NOT earn IES CEUs

Post-Event Roster Attendance Form