spatial daylight autonomy (sDA)

[] An annual daylighting metric that quantifies the fraction of the area within a space for which the daylight autonomy exceeds a specified value. NOTE: This definition was modified in […]

reflected direct luminaire

[10.3.16] A class of luminaires that make use of light reflecting off the interior surface of a recessed housing from concealed or obscured sources. Typically, these luminaires, which are similar […]

track lighting

[10.3.15] A lighting equipment system consisting of an electrified power channel (track) and removable luminaires (lamp holders, track heads) that can be mechanically attached anywhere along the power channel.  The […]

annual sunlight exposure (ASE)

[10.5.16] In daylighting: The fraction or percentage of the horizontal work plane that exceeds a specified direct sunlight illuminance level more than a specified number of hours per year over […]


[10.3.14]  [See luminaire (light fixture).]


[]  [See overhead (or butterfly).]


[]  (See means of egress.)

wall pocket

[] An electrical outlet or group of outlets mounted on or recessed into the wall, usually beneath a hinged cover that is notched so that cables plugged into these outlets […]