Jan 14, 2019

References by others to IES copyright materials

References to IES document titles (Recommended Practices (RPs), Design Guides (DGs), Lighting Measurement (LMs), Lighting Energy Management documents (LEMs), and Technical Memoranda (TMs) may be made without permission. It is advisable, however, to contact the Society’s office to verify the most current publication date for the document to be referenced.

Requests to cite specific IES document content such as illuminance values, excerpts from the text, tables, figures, and other material must be submitted to the Society for approval prior to inclusion in other publications, manufacturers’ literature and websites and may be subject to a royalty fee.

IES will not approve any statements or citations that imply a manufacturer’s products or systems “meet” or “comply” with IES recommendations.

Disclaimer Regarding the Endorsement of Products:
The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) is a technical standards developing organization (SDO) dedicated to educating and promoting good lighting design and practices. IES standards have no regulatory authority unless or until they are adopted by the authority having jurisdiction. IES does not endorse, recommend, or approve any specific products or manufacturers, and any claims to the contrary should be dismissed.

Non-commercial policy re participation and conduct in Society activities

Participants in Society activities including but not limited to committee, task force, working group, and Section meetings, whether face-to-face or web-based, shall adhere to the following policy: