Mar 28, 2017

IES Sections and Corporate Sponsors Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders

IES Emerging Professionals

Each year, IES sections and corporate sponsors step up to provide funds to support the attendance of Emerging Professionals (EPs) — which includes students, early career professionals and professionals making a career change — at the IES Annual Conference and the IES EP Workshop that precedes the conference.

The IES Annual Conference (AC) provides a range of educational programming—including workshops, seminars, immersive experiences, tours, networking, and paper and poster presentations—on the art, design, science, and research of lighting relevant to lighting professionals, educators, and related design disciplines. As always, professional education is paramount, with a broad selection of CEU credits available through participation at the conference.


Qualified individuals (current student, recent graduate (up to 5 years after graduation or a professional making a career change) must submit a one-page essay to the IES EP Workshop Committee making sure to address the questions below. The essay should be a 350-word maximum.

  1. Tell us about your occupation and/or studies.
  2. How will attending the IES EP Workshop and the IES Conference help achieve educational and/or career goals?
  3. How will your attendance at the IES EP Workshop and the IES Conference impact your future as an active IES member?
  4. The theme for this year’s IES Annual Conference is Hindsight/Insight/Foresight. In one sentence, what does this mean to you? You can be cool and creative with your response. There is no right or wrong answer. Your response may be featured on social media. Twitter users may post their quote, using the following hashtag #LightingTheWay #IESAC2022 #TheIES.
  5. Complete the sponsorship agreement form.