Jan 18, 2019
The Forum for Illumination Research, Engineering, and Science (FIRES) is the IES online space for our community to openly share and discuss the latest research and innovations in illumination science and engineering. As a space for the free dissemination of knowledge and exchange of ideas, FIRES is intended to foster relationships between individuals and larger institutions, and reignite the emphasis on science and engineering in the lighting industry.

Editorial Disclaimer

The views expressed in articles published on FIRES do not necessarily reflect those of IES or represent endorsement by the IES.

Article Guidelines

The IES invites you to contribute research, engineering and science based articles to this Forum. Additionally, the IES will periodically hold open calls for submissions for topical articles. All articles are reviewed based upon the following criteria:
  • Originality – will the readers learn something new?
  • Relevance – is the topic relevant to current industry issues?
  • Technical Merit – is the subject matter technically oriented and significant to illuminating engineering?
  • Rigor – is the article supported by authoritative research?
  Articles that have been previously published elsewhere will be considered, but the author must confirm that they are within their legal rights to republish the work. Authors retain full ownership of their content published on FIRES, however, all submissions also grant copyright permission to the IES, through publication on this Forum or in any other IES publication. It is the responsibility of the author to confirm their right to reproduce images, videos, audio, or any other third-party content within their article. Articles must be supported by in-text citations and corresponding references in a consistent format of the author’s choice. Sources for further reading are also encouraged. Our Editorial Board reserves the right to edit articles for clarity, spelling, grammar, and formatting. Articles may not contain disparaging language, and shall not be used to promote specific products. Revisions will be required for articles that include product promotions or otherwise represent commercial interests.

Comment Policy

The IES welcomes readers to comment on articles to support an ongoing discussion. All comments are reviewed by IES staff prior to posting to ensure relevancy to the article and professional language. Any comments containing disparaging language or product promotions will not be posted. Please limit your comment to 300 words or less. If you are unable to condense your comment to fit the word limit, please consider expanding your comment to a full article submission.


The FIRES Advisory Board maintains an editorial calendar based on invited articles and outside submissions. Abstracts are reviewed by the Editorial Board twice monthly. Interested in sharing your research in FIRES? Please email the following information to [email protected]:

Full name(s) of author(s) Institution/affiliations Is the article time-sensitive? Has this article been published, or will it be published in any other form? 1 page abstract (with full article, if completed)