Committee Reports

Committee Reports

Committee Reports are consensus documents approved by IES committees through our ANSI approved standards development process. These are typically written as intermediate documents between versions of standards, clarification and/or interpretations, responses to timely events, or technical guidance on specific issues. All active, relevant, and current Committee Reports can be found here.

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IES CR-2-20-V1, Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) – Frequently Asked Questions

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Authoring Committee: Photobiology Committee

The IES Photobiology Committee prepared this Committee Report in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to explain germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) disinfection. The report provides answers to frequently asked questions on GUV and its abilities, with some limitations, to safely reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The report is focused on the potential uses of GUV in healthcare facilities. It distinguishes GUV air and surface disinfection usages, and it emphasizes the need for GUV to be applied correctly and monitored for output and safety, and that training on the operation and maintenance of the systems over time is also important. The document also provides safety precautions regarding residential use.

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Germicidal Ultraviolet Disinfection in the Days of COVID-19

Recorded May 7, 2020
Amidst the current uncertainty of the global pandemic, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) has facilitated a special FREE educational program on germicidal ultraviolet (GUV), photobiological basics, carcinogenicity risk, UV-C lamp sources, relevant research, and more.
PRESENTERS: Rolf Bergman, Don Forbes, Paul Jenson, Edward Nardell, Dean Saputa, David Sliney, and Richard Vincent


0:00:00 – Intro – Brian Liebel Director of Standards and Research IES
0:07:25 – Advances in Germicidal UV Applications – Edward Nardell
0:56:00 – GUV Photobiology Basics and Safety – David Sliney
1:45:08 – Action Spectra: Sources of Guidance Regarding Photocarcinogenesis – Paul Donald Forbes
2:10:25 – Intermission
2:20:30 – Sources for UVG – Rolf Bergman
2:52:55 – Upper Room UVGI Air Disinfection Systems Applications – Richard Vincent
3:23:00 – UV-C In-duct Applications – Dean Saputa
3:39:10 – Whole Room and Other UVC Applications – Paul Jenson

Introduction to Ultraviolet and Visible Radiation Disinfection


Recorded September 19, 2019
Topic experts Dr. David Sliney and Richard Vincent will discuss the science, applications, guidelines, potential, and concerns regarding Ultraviolet and Visible Light Disinfection. Many manufacturers are making claims that cannot be substantiated. David and Richard will take you through what we know, what we don’t know and what you should avoid. Specific topics will include upper room germicidal UV application, surface decontamination, and UV tools and guidelines.