Lighting as a Service | Guest: Virginia Hew1tt
Discussions about Lighting as a Service (LaaS) are no longer focused on whether it will evolve into an essential aspect of future lighting projects, but rather on how many billions of dollars will be involved and how soon it will become a common offering. Until recently “As a Service” companies did not focus on or understand the lighting community. This podcast demonstrates how this has changed. Virginia Hewitt, from Sparkfund, understands our lighting market and is a knowledgeable evangelist for LaaS. In this podcast, Hewitt identifies which lighting skill sets will benefit most from LaaS.

Virginia is responsible for the growth and performance of the many sales arms at SparkFund. Her expertise lies in training and developing partner companies to integrate Technology Subscriptions as a core of their businesses. Prior to SparkFund, Virginia was a researcher with ACEEE. Her authorship includes the City Scorecards, Cool Policies for Cool Cities, and Small Loans for Energy Efficiency. She is a graduate of Duke University’s School of the Environment with a degree in Environmental Policy.