Catherine Murphy

Catherine Murphy credits her upbringing in the West of Ireland countryside with her deep-rooted interest in materials, circularity, and craft. Her practice integrates design, project management, and materials consultancy, drawing from 12 years of experience in designing healthier and sustainable buildings. As an educator, she teaches classes on materials and guides the development of methodologies to eliminate toxics and reduce environmental impacts. Catherine works exclusively in renovation and re-use, utilizing her background in textiles and handcraft to repair existing structures while implementing core design and construction techniques for healthier and sustainable built environments. Catherine has led educational programming at Parsons Healthy Materials Lab since 2017, alongside which she is an adjunct faculty at Parsons School of Design and Columbia GSAPP. She holds a Master of Fine Art in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design and an Hons degree in Fine Craft Design (Embroidery) from the University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland.