Jan 11, 2023

2023 IES LIGHTEN UP! Luminaire Competition
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IES LIGHTEN UP! Luminaire Competition is run by Laura Ashley A. Alferes (IES Member and founder of Lighten Up!) and ErikYamashiro (IES Member).
With networking in mind for cross-Section and cross-organization collaboration, this was initially a local event that grew internationally. 

LIGHTEN UP! brings individuals within the design community together to engage, inspire and challenge one another to create a luminaire made from everyday objects. LIGHTEN UP! is an exciting and rewarding experience — so take a breather from work, ‘lighten up’ and join the fun!


Thank you to all of our local sponsors as well as our National Sponsor Q-Tran for helping make this year’s competition a success!

2023 National Sponsor

2023 THEME:

“You’re an adventurous and curious explorer, finding new paths along your travels. In the distance, there’s a light shining but you don’t know where or what it’s coming from. The unknown soon becomes known.” 

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Event Details

Participants will have 24 hours to design and create a luminaire based on a given theme using resources and LED light source from their home. Each Section will have a people’s choice and Judges choice winner, based on aesthetics, creativity, and theme interpretation. The Judge’s award winner from your participating section will be submitted for international voting on the IES Lighten Up webpage.