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AM&P EXCEL Gold WinnerLD+A earned four awards—one for each submission—in the 37th annual EXCEL Awards competition sponsored by Association Media & Publishing. Read more..

LD+A is a magazine for professionals involved in the art, science, study, manufacture, teaching, and implementation of lighting. LD+A is designed to enhance and improve the practice of lighting. Every issue of LD+A includes feature articles on design projects, technical articles on the science of illumination, new product developments, industry trends, news of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and vital information about the illuminating profession.

Theme Issues Each monthly issue features a unique theme such as sustainable design, retail lighting, roadway lighting, industrial lighting, hospitality lighting, or office and commercial lighting. Each topic is covered completely and authoritatively through case studies, Q&A panel discussions, technology overviews, and how-to articles written by the industry’s leading practitioners and educators. Project case histories feature the work of the most prominent lighting design firms in the world.

Columns & Departments Rotating columns cover topics including energy, green design, career issues, technology, regulations and legislation, research, and education—written by a veritable who’s who of industry experts. LD+A also reports on the latest IES and industry news, products, trends and events.

Special Issues LD+A has exciting special issues that are eagerly awaited by its readers. They include • Lighting Equipment and Accessories Directory—the source for readers to find just the right lighting-related products to meet their needs • LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL preview issue • The “13th issue” of LD+A, the LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL Show Book that’s distributed to almost 25,000 show attendees • Special IES Illumination Awards issue.

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