Project in Pictures: Gucci Meatpacking District

April 2, 2024
Project in Pictures: Gucci Meatpacking District | Base layers of lighting
The base layers of lighting in the main retail space include a semi custom linear LED “grid” and a series of suspended track accent lights for product lighting. The design firm collaborated with PreciseLED to develop the grid linear LED fixture, with Delta Light’s Spy 39 serving as the suspended track.

Gucci has packed its handbags and opened up shop on the corner of West 14th Street and Ninth Avenue in the historic Meatpacking District in New York City. The design of the two-level boutique is influenced by both Florence, Italy, and The Big Apple, and includes more than 9,000 sq ft of retail space. Grid patterned metal mesh ceilings hearken back to the industrial character of the neighborhood while a curved staircase embellished with mirrored tiles provides a luxurious feel. TM Light served as the lighting designer for the LEED-certified location, which uses 100% renewable energy and LED lighting.

Project in Pictures: Gucci Meatpacking District | Fitting Rooms
Spatial immersion was carried over into the fitting rooms, which were outfitted with Delta Light’s Micro Snap-in 930 luminaires.
Project in Pictures: Gucci Meatpacking District | Ambient grid in the ceiling
The ambient grid in the ceiling mirrors the stone layout of the flooring, creating a more immersive approach to lighting and its relation to architectural composition and texture. The translucent grid was integrated within a suspended waffle ceiling that obscures the architectural infrastructure of mechanical and piping up above.
Project in Pictures: Gucci Meatpacking District | Secondary spaces
For some of the store’s secondary spaces, a grid of vertical translucent tubes was deployed to maintain the sense of spatial immersion, where every surface is a “texture” of material or light.

Photos: Pablo Enriquez/Gucci.