Regions, Districts, & Sections

The map below outlines the Regions, Districts, and Sections within the IES. There are four Regions, each Region is comprised of two Districts, and each District is comprised of all constituent Sections located within the boundaries of the District.

Click on the map to see where IES local sections are located. Zoom in to each Region and District to see specific sections.

Click on map to zoom in to your region.

For a listing of all IES Sections by District, scroll down and click on one of the four Regions.

IES Regions are supported by a Regional Director, and Districts are supported by a District Chair and Vice-chair. The District Chairs are the conduit between the local section leadership and the Regional and Society level Directors.

If you are a Section officer with questions on policy, procedures or ideas on how to be more effective, your District Chair and Vice-chair are your first point of contact. Find your District Chair’s contact information below. For guidance, contact Rama Rejman, Sections Coordinator.

Regional Director: IES Board of Director, Rick Paradis (2017-2019)

District #1

District Chair: Jared Smith (2017-2019), CBCL Limited
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    • New Brunswick

    • Fredericton, Section #50
    • Moncton, Section #17
    • Nova Scotia

    • Halifax, Section #76

District #2

District Chair: Ira Rothman (2018-2020)
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Regional Director: IES Board of Director, Billy Tubb (2018-2020)

District #3

District Chair: Becky Stuart Conner (2017-2019), WSP
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    • Alabama

    • Birmingham, Section #67
  • District of Columbia

    • Florida

    • Jacksonville, Section #103
    • Miami, Section #51
    • Orlando, Section #89
    • Palm Beach, Section #138
    • Pensacola, Section #16
    • Tampa, Section #44
    • Tennessee

    • Chattanooga, Section #115
    • Memphis, Section #65
    • Nashville, Section #49
    • Mississippi

    • Jackson, Section #54
    • North Carolina

    • Charlotte, Section #48
    • Raleigh, Section #131
    • Winston-Salem, Section #88
    • Puerto Rico

    • San Juan, Section #15
    • South Carolina

    • Charleston, Section #123
    • Greenville, Section #137

District #4

District Chair: Kimberly Smith (2018-2020)
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Regional Director: IES Board of Director, Antonio Giacobbe (2016-2020)

District #5

District Chair: Mindy Iannello (2017-2019), Performance Lighting Systems
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District #6

District Chair: Jeremy Maxie (2018-2020), RSA Engineering, Inc.
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    • Alaska

    • Anchorage, Section #95
    • Saskatchewan

    • Regina/Saskatoon, Section #83

Regional Director: IES Board of Director, Michelle Prew (2017-2019)

District #7

District Chair: Miory Kanashiro Kightlinger (2015-2019), Ghafari Associates
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District #8

District Chair: Kristen Mallardi (2016-2020), Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc.
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