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Advance your knowledge of lighting
Successful lighting professionals must be able to incorporate into their work many new technological and scientific developments. Examples: solid-state lighting sources; humans’ perception of light as they age, sustainability and the integration of daylighting with electric lighting; the effects of light on human health; to name a few. Clients rely on and, indeed, expect lighting practitioners to know their specialties and to make well-informed decisions and recommendations on the client’s behalf. That is why the 10th edition of the new IES Lighting Handbook is an essential knowledge reference for anyone in lighting. The 10th edition brings together some of the best minds in the lighting community to present the current state of knowledge as it relates to lighting and lighting design. With reliable and comprehensive information in a single source, practitioners can approach projects with confidence.

Changes to the new edition:

  • New illuminance determination procedure consisting of visual age-based illuminance ranges and mesopic adaptation
  • Extensive updates on light sources, including solid state lighting
  • Holistic and complementary daylighting and electric lighting strategies
  • More extensive and specific qualitative lighting design criteria such as subjective impressions (psychological factors) and architectural spatial factors
  • Broader quantitative criteria such as illuminance uniformities, power and energy aspects, light trespass, and light pollution
  • In-depth coverage of sustainability practices: new chapters on daylighting, controls, sustainability, commissioning and energy management


  • Provides a compendium of what is known that directly relates to lighting and lighting design
  • Concise explanation of material
  • Content and format tailored to those involved in lighting decisions including practitioners, designers, architects, and engineers
  • Four color throughout; 600 illustrations that enhance understanding
  • Conveniently-referenced tabular information is exemplified with numerous photographs and illustrations
  • Sustainable practice embedded throughout: refinement of light level criteria, definitive criteria related to brightness and user impressions, factors influencing power and energy use for lighting, and methods to minimize light trespass and light pollution

Hardcover or Secure PDF: 1,328 pages (Download: 11 files)
Publisher: Illuminating Engineering Society (2011)
SKU: HB-10-11
ISBN-13: 978-0-87995-241-9
Dimensions: 8½” x 11″

10th Edition Handbook Errata [PDF 492KB]

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