IES Standards Documents

A primary role of our IES community is to develop Lighting Standards for the benefit of the public. Our volunteer technical committees of industry experts and interested parties work diligently to develop and maintain our Lighting Library, consisting of approximately 70 publications that have been vetted through our ANSI accredited Standards Development Organization (SDO) process. Our documents include Recommended Practices for many lighting applications, industry standards on light source and luminaire measurement and testing, and a variety of Technical Memoranda and Design Guide documents covering a wide expanse of illumination topics.

We welcome your participation in our technical committees – see the list of open committees and join our team! By clicking the committee’s link, you will find their scope of work, the documents maintained by the committee, and the committee’s membership roster. You do not have to be an IES member to join be in one of our committees; just bring your knowledge and passion to help create the next generation of lighting standards for our industry and profession. You’ll note that by each committee we list specific categories from which we need new people, and you can find the definitions of these Interest Categories here.

The Standards Committee is responsible for ensuring that proper procedures are followed in accordance with our ANSI approved Policies and Procedures and Technical Committee Guidelines. They also review our committee membership rosters to make sure that we maintain a proper balance of committee members to avoid dominance by any single Interest Category. Our three Standards Advisory Panels guide our Society in assessing the need for new committees or standards, recruiting new committee leaders and/or members, and providing guidance and feedback on new initiatives for our Standards Department.